Saturday, September 3, 2011


Sterling and I took our engagement pictures about a month ago. I've been anxiously waiting to see them. I'm really bad at being patient. Yesterday the photographer told us she posted them on her website.

I can't stop looking at them.

The moment we saw them, Sterling predicted I was going to just sit there staring at them everyday. And, um....he was right.

I go through them multiple times a day, admiring how well they turned out, then I think about what cute babies we will make, then freaking out because my bangs are weirdly sectioned in three pictures in a row, then deciding we're a pretty dang cute couple, then freaking out again because Sterling's head is tilted away from me in a picture (what if that's a subconscious signal that he doesn't want to be there next to me!!!), then I see pictures where we're looking at each other and  -dang-  we really do look like one of those cute, so-in-love couples and I think that people should be jealous of us.

Yeah, it just keeps going back and forth like that. But in the risk of sounding conceited, most of my thoughts are about how good we look. Sorry, but we're a damn good couple.

And now I'm once again anxiously awaiting our pictures to be put up somewhere where I can save them to my computer and have them. And, you know, post them on Facebook for everyone to see. Just sayin'...

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