Sunday, April 22, 2012

I need a Xanax.

The past week has been a stressful little bugger.

My FCS adviser told me that there's no way I could graduate in a year because they put all FCS classes on a 2-year rotation, so it'd take 2 years for me to get all the FEW remaining classes I needed.

So I switched to majoring in Psychology. Which is kind of a crazy move, since it's not the best idea to change your major during your last year of college. But it seemed like the best idea. I was already minoring in Psych, so I had a good amount of the classes done, and it looked like I could still graduate in just a year.

So with only 26 credits til my BS in Psychology, it looked like I was set.

But then ISU decided to suck a little and tell me that you have to have 32 credits exclusively at ISU in order to get your diploma from there. Alright, still doable.

Then ISU decided to suck a little bit more. They told me I have to retake two freshman general education classes, because the ones I already took don't transfer over. So, I'm enrolled in freshman english and speech classes this fall. I'm NOT thrilled.

Then ISU sucked a whole lot more when I came across a little fine print that said I had to have 36 upper division credits to graduate, and was told that some of my upper division classes from UI don't transfer over.

These events led to the major sucky conclusion of the story, where my adviser told me that I'd have to take an additional semester (so 1.5 years left) at ISU in order to fit in all these credits to graduate.

Seeing as how I'm so incredibly sick of school and want nothing more than a degree in my hand and to never have to register for a class again, this was some pretty horrible news. It's been 3 days and I'm still depressed about it.

But I'm not entirely giving up yet. I emailed my adviser asking to be allowed to take extra credits this semester in order to keep me on track to graduate in a year. It'll be a huge workload, seeing as I'm already at the max amount of allowed credits for the semester. But I WANT TO GRADUATE DANGIT.

On a less depressing side note, we worked at a LDS Preparedness Fair yesterday. We have to do a service learning project for a class we're taking together, so this worked out well. I sat at a table all day. Sterling got to dress up as Smokey the Bear. That was the highlight of my day.

And on a VERY un-depressing note, we got our dream apartment in Shelley! Well, maybe 'dream' is a bit of an exaggeration, but I'm very excited about it. Compared to our current apartment in Moscow, this new one is pretty much the Taj Mahal. 1200 square feet, a lovely kitchen with granite counter tops, an island, and a bar! And two bedrooms. And two (granite) vanities in the bathroom. And a washer and dryer!!!!! Trust me, a year of having to go to the laundromat and you will be ecstatic about laundry just like I am.  Here's a video tour I snagged off the rental website. It shows both an upstairs and downstairs one; ours is upstairs so it has those snazzy vaulted ceilings even :)

So life is pretty good, other than my schooling fiasco. We're moving in less than 3 weeks! I caaan't wait.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


This morning at 7am, the crazy guy who lives below us started slamming doors and running around in the yard yelling things like "F*** YOU SELENA!" and "SELENA!!! WHERE THE F*** ARE YOU?!" and my personal favorite, "SELENA! GET IN HERE! LOOK, I'M CLOSING THE DOOR! I'M F***ING CLOSING IT!"

The guy has some serious anger issues, if you didn't guess. He has these crazy tantrums pretty much everyday. Like, scary, insane, ridiculous, bipolar tantrums. Last week, during a rampage, he went out to his car and started searching like a mad man in his trunk, wildly cursing the entire time. A couple old ladies walked past, and you could tell they were probably scared out of their mind.

The vast majority of the time, his rampages are directed toward this 'Selena'. He's always yelling and cursing at her. You'd think he must be in a bad relationship, and that this Selena is his girlfriend, right?

A couple of weeks ago, during an afternoon tantrum, I hear him out in the yard, yelling at 'Selena'. I went to the window and watched him. There was no girl around anywhere, yet he was still screaming at Selena. Then I saw a scraggly cat approaching.

Yeuuupp....Selena is a cat. He has screaming fights with his cat.

I. Can't. Friggin'. Wait. To. Move.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

feelin' angsty!

Tomorrow we'll be on our way to Zion! Or, you know, Southeast Idaho. Pretty much the same thing :) I just have to take a statistics test then we'll be on the road around noon! We've got a couple houses/apartments to look at on Saturday, which I'm very excited about. I want to know where I'm gonna live next month!

I'm supposed to register for my fall classes at ISU on Monday....that is, if my adviser ever responds to my email. She's evaluated my transcripts, so all I want to know is which of my classes fill which requirements, and which classes I have left to take! I've been bugging her pretty fiercely. I've also been bugging the admissions office because they're taking forever to input my UI transcripts, so they have me in the system as a sophomore, which means later registration! Also, they need to change my info because they have me shown as an FCS Education major, which I am not! Sheesh. Gotta get stuff done!

Alright, the venting session is over. For now.

See these pretty flowers a certain nice husband got me? :)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter weekend!

Happy Easter! It's been a nice one, and a nice weekend as well! Back to the weekly grind. Only 5 more weeks of the semester!

The weather here is trying so hard to get nicer. Yesterday, it looked absolutely beautiful out. So The Husband and I decided to go have a picnic. We got all decked out in our springtime clothes, me in capris and sandals, him in shorts, and headed to Winco to get some delicious fried chicken and potato salad. We find a nice table in a pretty area on campus, and begin our picnic feast. Only to freeze our tushes off. Apparently it was only about 50 degrees out, regardless of how sunny it was. Needless to say, the picnic didn't last long.

So we borrowed racquets from our friends and went and played racquetball in the Kibbie Dome. It was my first time playing! I'm not exactly very good at it, but it was fun. And a good workout! I want to buy racquets now. Maybe I should first see if there's anyplace to play in Idaho Falls though first!

Oh, that's another thing. We decided to go down to SE Idaho to apartment hunt and such next weekend instead. Can't wait :)

Today we went to church then had an Easter feast. I made ham, Mormon potatoes, rolls, and Reeses cheesecake. It was pretty delicious. The Easter Bunny also visited our house. Sterling received a giant Reeses bunny, along with other treats. It had disappeared within about ten minutes :)

Oh, and my latest discovery/obsession? Making steaks in the oven. We've been wanting steak, but haven't had a way to cook them since we don't have a barbecue (though we did have a mini-grill, but we just discovered that someone stole it. Guess you can't leave things outside in Moscow even). Then I discovered that you can broil them in the oven! Sterling was skeptical first ("You don't bake steak!") but he ended up loving it. So then we made a Winco trip to stock up on meaty goodness. 

Perhaps we went a litttttle overboard? :)

So now a lot of our dinners nowadays are looking like this:

I know, I really need to start showing you all pictures of things other than food. I'll work on it.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Well, this is annoying.

Oh, and another little thing I noticed is that if I post a picture in my blog, it will only show that entry on the current page. But like this post, with no pictures, will stay on the same page as other posts! Annoying, right?

moscow, you crazy.

Moscow is crazy lately and it's kind of getting on my nerves. The last few weeks has been back and forth weather-wise. Like, snow, crazy hail, rain, sun...everything. Yesterday was a gorgeous day. Sunny and warm even. I hear it got to 61 degrees, which in Moscow is t-shirt weather. The little girl I nanny even declared she was going to 'put on shorts and have a picnic'.

Every morning, the first thing I do when I wake up is look out the window next to the bed. This is what I saw this morning:

I'm sorry, are you kidding me?! This picture doesn't begin to capture the intensity of the giant snowflakes that were swirling all around. Sterling and I walk .8 mile to school every morning (I just google-mapped that, even!), and this was NOT fun to walk in. When I got to campus, I looked in a mirror and realized that almost all my mascara on one eye had washed away due to snowflakes melting on my lashes the whole walk. So I'm a little funky looking for now. 

We might be making a quick trip down to SE Idaho this weekend. It's the only weekend that really works for us to go see our hopefully-soon-to-be new apartment. I have to say, the management company is really getting on my nerves, however. They aren't the most helpful and seem annoyed that I keep bugging them. You'd think they'd be happy to have someone so anxious to sign a lease! But I'm just going to keep bothering them until that apartment is ours! So ha.