Sunday, May 27, 2012

Blogger issues?

The weirdest thing just happened. I logged onto my Blogger account, and on my dashboard it showed that I had another blog besides this one. It's called 'Elder Brittain Schenck', but there were no posts or anything. It just said that it was my blog. Um, I never created it. Elder Britten Schenck is a missionary from Grace, who was in a bad accident back in March while in Brazil on his mission. His family has a blog for him that's all about his recovery, and I've read it a few times, but um, I didn't create a blog about him. So I'm utterly confused. But I deleted the blog and changed my Blogger password, because I must have been hacked I'm thinking? I have no idea. The blog didn't even have his name spelled correctly. So stinkin' weird.

Anyway, I don't have a ton to update about. Sterling's been working a ton and I've been a housewife. And being a housewife is pretty dull when you don't have kids to take care of or anything. Even a dog would be nice, ha. You'd think I'd have everything unpacked from the move by now, but I don't. I unpacked our pictures and wall hangings and such, but that's about it. Come to think of it, I'm not exactly sure what I've spent the last week doing. I did go to Pocatello one day, and met Sterling for lunch in Blackfoot a couple other days. I also remember seeing a watermelon on TV one day and having to frantically run to the grocery store and buy one ASAP. Yeah, I get pretty serious about food sometimes.

Sterling has to work in some means every single day. Saturdays he has to go in for a half day and gets home around 1 or 2pm. Sundays he has to go check his pivots in the morning and afternoon. He luckily has tomorrow off for Memorial Day, but he still has to check pivots, of course. I went with him tonight and saw all of his fields he's in charge of. I felt like a real farmer's wife, riding in the truck and looking at pivots and potato and grain fields.

Last night we savored his time off with a nice date night in IF. We got some Thai food for dinner (I've been craving green curry in the worst way) then saw The Avengers. I actually liked it way more than I thought I would. It's a pretty good movie! The theater was sold out for our showing, and the movie has been out for weeks, so that alone tells you it must be pretty good.

And that's about it. Someday soon I'll have something exciting to tell y'all about, I promise ;)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The New Life.

Time for a better update!

We've been residents of Shelley for just over a week now. So far, so good! There's still a ton of unpacking to do, though. We've got our 2nd bedroom filled with boxes that I'm being a little slow about unpacking. Mostly, I'm dreading hanging up the millions of clothes I have.

Sterling started his new job yesterday. It looks like he is going to be working a ton. Like, 65 hours a week until November. Yup. He works 7am to about 7 or 8pm M-F, then has to go in on Saturdays to wash his truck and check on things. We're not exactly thrilled about this schedule. During the winter, he only works 4 10 hour days M-Th, so that'll be nice. Can't wait until then! For now though, I'm just a lonely farmer's wife. With no job yet and no school for 3 months, my days are spent alone in the apartment, unpacking and watching reruns of 16 & Pregnant and House Hunters.

So far, it's been fine, but I'm sure I'm going to start getting pretty bored soon. I've been on the job hunt, though. I had an interview yesterday, but I doubt it'll amount to anything. It went well, but the boss is kind of an arrogant jerk. Plus, they'd want me to work full-time by mid-fall, and even though he said we could work my school around it, there's no way I can manage a full time job with my schooling this year, along with the other busy things that will be happening around that time. So I'm still on the hunt. I just want something part time for the summer to keep me busy.

Sterling is liking his job so far. He's not in love with it yet, but who really enjoys the intro-period of a new job? That's never fun. But I'm sure things will pick up for him soon and he'll be happier with it. It's a bit farther away from where we live than what we expected. We're realizing now that we probably should have moved to Blackfoot instead, but what can ya do now? We can always move in a little while.

Saturday was our 6 month wedding anniversary. It's gone by fast! Best 6 months ever though :)  We celebrated by going to see What To Expect When You're Expecting. It was a funny movie. Then we got some sushi in IF, which was pretty delicious.

Sunday we had church in our new ward. It's weird. There are only like 2 other young couples. Mostly everyone else is elderly, with a few families thrown in. It's way different from what we're used to in Moscow. People weren't as eager to meet us, but the ones who did talk to us were nice. It'll take a little while to settle into the ward, but I'm sure it'll end up being nice.

I'll end with a few pictures of us recently:

Us at Sterling's graduation :)

A shot of graduation inside the Kibbie Dome

The Graduate :)

On our 6 month anniversary.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


This will be a quick update, because I'm doing it from Sterling's iPhone. Sterling graduated Saturday, and we make the trek down to SE Idaho immediately afterward, arriving in Grace at his parents house around 2am. We moved into our wonderful new apartment in Shelley on Monday. We got a new bedroom set (dresser, bed, headboard, nightstand) that we love-- seriously, our bed is aaamazing. And we got a nice couch from a couple in Grace, and yesterday we went out and bought a 42" flat screen TV. That is definitely Sterling's favorite thing about our new place. We got Directv today, so you can guess who has been lounging on the couch all day :)Anyway, quite simply, we love or new home. It is a million times nicer than our apartment in Moscow, so I'm feeling pretty spoiled. Plus we live being in this area. Close to family and friends and everything is just better here! AND there is a Target 15 minutes away :)Another perk of being down here was getting to see The Ackermans beautiful new little girl yesterday. If holding a brand new baby doesn't make you want one of your own, I don't know what will! Anyway, we should be getting Internet soon, so I will blog more and post pictures and whatnot.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Catch-up time.

Whew, two weeks without a post! I think there are just too many exciting things going on right now that I've been too busy to actually write about them :)

We're moving in a week from today! Sterling graduates Saturday morning and we're leaving for Southeast Idaho immediately afterward. Sterling's sister is Skyping the family on Sunday from her mission in Ohio, so we want to be in Grace with his parents for that. So we won't actually be moving into our new place until Monday. Ah, SO excited.

We've sold one couch already and gave away our dresser, and the sofa, recliner, and bed are all lined up to be sold & picked up later this week. Workin' out pretty well! Packing is a pain. I absolutely hate it. But it's mostly done now. Just some kitchen stuff left. Hopefully tomorrow we'll start loading up the vehicles so I can be less stressed about how everything is going to fit.

Sterling has two finals left to take this week, and I have 3. They shouldn't be too bad, but they're never exactly exciting. And I have to wait until Friday to take my Stats final, so I get to stress & study for that all week.

Wednesday is my last day of work. It's sad, because they've been a really good family to nanny for. Buuut, it's also kind of nice to get to be done! The kids have been a bit of a handful at times. Thursday, we had TWO 'accidents' (by the same 8 year old child)....including a very public, gushing-waterfall-esque one by the side of a pool before swim lessons, which was followed by a tantrum because I had to cancel her lesson since I wasn't letting her get into the public pool with pee-soaked bottoms.

And now the school computer is telling me it's going to log me off in minutes. Why does the library close at 8 on Saturdays? I'll never understand. I guess it's a good thing though since my hungry husband is asking about dinner and since all the dishes & cookware are already packed up, I need to get creative pretty quickly.