Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I think I grew up.

As of these past few days, Sterling and I now have a bank account together. We also bought a Brita water filter pitcher (that made me feel really adultish). I've been bringing him lunch at school. I've been looking online for things to buy him for Christmas, and realized that they'll be gifts for my husband. I realized this Thanksgiving and Christmas we will spend as a married couple. And my birthday will be spent as a wife. My last birthday I spent moving to Idaho. The birthday before that I spent in NYC with my sister. This one will be spent as a married woman, doing whatever married couples do on birthdays.

My mom sent me a package the other day. On the note inside, she opened with "Hi kids!" not "Hi Kelli honey!". Sterling has keys to my apartment and car. Actually, he kind of took over my Xterra and I took over his car. We're contemplating getting a Costco membership. When an attractive guy seems a little flirty with me at school, I get annoyed. I'm only going to have the name I spent the last 20 3/4 years with for eight more weeks. When I grocery shop, I buy Diet Coke and pepperjack cheese (two things I rarely consumed pre-Sterling). I get to wake up, eat dinner, fight, celebrate holidays, kiss, cry, love, move, grocery shop, and live with the this same amazing person for the rest of forever.


I think this whole getting married thing is starting to seem pretty dang real.

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