Tuesday, September 13, 2011

money money money money.

One career I will surely never have is a wedding planner. It's hard enough planning my own. Actually, if I was rich, it would probably be a million times easier. But trying to figure out cute centerpieces and decorations on a tight budget? Pretty dang difficult. I could stare at wedding blogs for hours and point out things I like, but I could never do them because, um, do you know how much a hundred lilies and a few chandeliers would cost? Cause I do, and that number is definitely not in my bank account.

Have I mentioned being an adult is hard? I mean, I'd rather be one than a teenager or kid, but there are naturally plenty of not so fun things that go along with being an adult and getting married and having your own place and cars. Like bills.

I work 6-8 hours a week (at a job I love, I must say) and Sterling works less than that even. We have a little bit of savings, but that goes directly to rent. Then food, gas, bills, and expensive wedding stuff?? Yeah....our bank accounts are dwindling fast. My parents are helping with what they can (actually, more than what they can and I'm so grateful for them) but there are still a lot of wedding expenses that I'm taking care of myself. That's the not-so-fun part of wedding planning.

I can't wait until Sterling graduates and gets a good job, and we can have a steady income. Of course I'm crazy excited about our wedding, but I'm also excited to get past this next year and settle into our more adult, married life with new jobs and a new town.

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