Sunday, September 18, 2011

62 days.

Two months from tomorrow.

Our wedding is getting really close. And I'm getting pretty nervous. There is still a LOT to do.

I mean, we've got the big things figured out for the most part, but all those cute little touches that make a wedding a wedding? Yeah...haven't made much progress there. I have ideas and all, but none of the ideas have materialized yet so I'm getting really anxious. I don't know how we're making our reception cute and personalized and us.

Well actually, it'll probably be more me than us, since Sterling doesn't really care about things like decorations and cake. He cares more about the actual act of getting married (and the honeymoon and wedding presents), not all the foof and details and such that make a wedding a wedding. And as much as it bugs me when he says he doesn't care when I ask for his opinion on things like cupcake wrappers and cake toppers and napkins....I guess that's probably a good thing. Most women would love to have a wedding that is entirely up to them, right? And I'm kind of a control-freak, so if he did have too much of an opinion, I'd probably kill him. See, it all works out :)

Actually, we don't even have all the big things settled yet. We have no invitations. We know where we're getting them, but I'm having a little trouble starting that process. So we have to get them designed, then made, then to us/our moms, then we all have to address and mail them all. That takes awhile, right? I feel like we're behind on this and it's freaking me out. I don't want people to get their invites two weeks before the wedding.

And I need to buy Sterling's ring still, which we're actually making progress on in fact. We went to jewelers in Moscow yesterday and figured out exactly what he wants in a ring, and I think I found the perfect one. So now I just need to go back to the store and order it. I'm excited to check that one off of the list.

I want it to be November already. I want to be in the lovely Southeast Idaho, I want to be with all my extended family so they can all finally meet this guy I'm marrying, I want to just get married, go to Vegas, enjoy being married, have a nice Thanksgiving as a married couple, and I want a pretty, perfect wedding to look back on. I want to be done planning it!

PS: Do you know how hard it is to study for anatomy exams when Etsy and are calling my name?! I'm going to fail all my classes this semester.

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