Thursday, September 5, 2013

8 months!

Brynleigh is 8 months old! And she's growing up so fast, it's insane. She is a genius baby, for serious.

She crawls around the house super quickly. She stands up using the help of whatever she can find. She walks along holding onto the tables and couches. She learned how to crawl up on the fireplace (we need to teach her it's hot before winter comes!). She says "Dadad" (or Dadadadadadad) but won't even attempt to make an 'm' noise. She eats anything and everything and wants a bite of whatever anyone around her is eating. She's known her name for awhile now and will respond to us calling her, but pretends she doesn't know the word 'No' despite us using it more than we use her name. She cut her first two teeth in the past few days. She now sleeps in her own bedroom (except for the past couple fussy nights due to teething), but in her portable crib still, she refuses to use her big crib. She won't hold still for a second, especially not for a diaper change.

There's tons more, I'm sure, but I'll just move onto the picture part, cause I know that's what y'all really wanna see.

Pasta and a hunk of raw zucchini from the garden!

Nommin' that zucchini.

She HATES the vacuum and will only let me use it if she's in her carrier. She still looks a little scared here, doesn't she? She also hates blenders.

Eatin' a tortilla while Mom makes tacos.

Playing in the big crib.

Pulling Dad's beard while watching TV.

We love beets from the garden!

Licking the beaters after Mom made frosting. Seriously, we let this kid eat everything.

She likes crawling around with her toys in her mouth. She knows it's hilarious.

Trying to attack Mom's camera!

Walking along the couch!

Gnawing on' some apple slices!