Monday, July 2, 2012

The Pregnant Vent.

Pregnancy is THE most frustrating thing. I just can't figure it out for the life of me.

I'm 14 weeks now. OUT of the first trimester. Everyone says the second trimester is the best, most enjoyable part of pregnancy. So why is it that this past week, I've been the sickest I've been the whole time?

Last Monday was wonderful. The best I've felt since being pregnant. I thought, Hey! I'm there! I'm finally to the good part! I woke up at 6am with Sterling, stayed up the entire day with NO naps, accomplished a bunch, and felt great.

Tuesday I puked the entire day away. I should say now that this post is going to talk about throwing up a lot, so I apologize. But really, I don't think an ounce of food or drink stayed in my body all Tuesday. Before this past week, I could easily count how many times I've actually thrown up since getting pregnant. Now I can't even tell you how many times I've puked in a day.

Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday I couldn't keep a thing down until around 2pm. No matter what I tried, it came right back up.

Yesterday I felt pretty good again and had the best appetite I've had in weeks. Granted, my appetite really only wanted beef jerky, but I ate a full dinner complete with veggies (something I can't handle much of lately) and I even wanted to snack on gummies while we watched Harry Potter.

Today seemed to be one of those great days. I got caught up on almost everything I neglected while I was busy with my head in the toilet last week. And I ate plenty. It all sounded good. Cereal, cherry tomatoes, frozen pizza, mango! And everything was just fine and dandy until about half an hour ago when I was hit with that nauseous urge and raced to the bathroom.

People say this ends, but I honestly don't believe it.

I don't think my child likes food at all. Which is a little surprising seeing how much Sterling and I enjoy eating (when not pregnant, that is).

I'd love nothing more than to fast-forward to December. I just want this little person here and to not be sick anymore. I don't care if I'm fat and get no sleep. That plus Baby sounds wonderful compared to now.

And I know I'm behind on my weekly picture post. In a day or two I'll get caught up on weeks 13 & 14 :)

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