Friday, July 6, 2012

The Non-Pregnancy Post

I've been a little caught up whining about the woes of pregnancy on my blog lately that I've neglected to update about the other things going on in life. And there actually are a few other important things even!

Last Wednesday, Sterling and I had our temple recommend interviews. We were deemed worthy, so since Monday was my one year anniversary of my baptism, we are now officially ready to go to the temple! The Logan and Idaho Falls temples are both closed the first two weeks of July, so that set our plans back a bit. But we are scheduled to go down to the Logan temple on Friday, July 20th! So on that day we will take out our endowments and be sealed for time & all eternity :) We are very excited.

The same night we received our recommends, our bishop also gave us callings in our new ward here. Sterling and I get to teach the CTR 4 (four-year-olds) Primary class every Sunday! It is the exact calling I wanted. Since I didn't grow up in the church, I didn't learn all the things everyone else learned in Primary, like all the songs especially! People are always making references to Primary that are over my head (popcorn popping on an apricot tree? Huh?...or my personal favorite, Sterling doing the 'Lamanite Dance') so I can finally learn them all while I'm teaching the kids! I always joked that I'll just go to Primary with my own kids when the time comes, but this works out even better, haha. So we're very excited for this. I also got called to be on some Relief Society Night committee, so that's good as well.

Last weekend we went to Grace. On Saturday, we went to Twin Falls with the family to see our cute little niece Randy Sue get baptized.

Here's the Jensen's! Cute family, right? :)

You know who these two are.

Anyway, it was nice taking a quick little weekend trip to see the fam. The week after next, my parents are coming up from California to visit us for a few days! I haven't seen them in almost 7 months, which is crazy. I'm excited to show them around and everything. They're driving down to Los Angeles first to visit my sister, then they're driving all the way up here. They're pretty big on road trips. I can't imagine driving all day through Arizona, Nevada, and Southern Utah makes for a very exciting trip, though. The rest of Utah on up is good though, at least I think. So anyway, we're excited! I'm trying to plan a quick trip down to LA to visit my sister sometime later this month or early August, I'm just waiting and wishing my constant sickness will calm down first. I know they give you barf bags on airplanes, I just really would love to not have to use them!

I think that's about it for now. This weekend will be a calm one. There's a hugely important UFC fight that Sterling has talked me into ordering on Pay-Per-View this Saturday night, so we will have a date night in.

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