Friday, October 14, 2011

blood tests and pumpkins.

So I went to the doctor this morning over in Pullman to find out why I'm losing so much hair. I've never been to a doctor up here before, but I really like my new one! Anyway, he thinks some sort of hormonal imbalance is what's causing my hair loss, so I had some blood tests done and I should find out by the middle of next week what the results are. If they find something there, I'll be put on meds and that will be that. If they find nothing, I'll have to do more tests. I'd really rather not be on medication, but I just want them to find a solution ASAP before I lose much more hair. I'm kind of really freaking out about it.

Other than that, it's the weekend! Which basically means doing more wedding stuff. I've got some crafts planned. Five weeks from tomorrow! Eeekkk!

Here are some of the pumpkins Corina and I painted thus far. Aren't they cute?! Now we have like 25 more to paint!

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