Friday, November 4, 2011


This talk by Dallin H. Oaks popped up into my Twitter newsfeed this morning. I like it.

Divorce scares me. It probably scares most people, actually. Whenever Sterling and I watch movies that show a couple in a really bad relationship, I get sad and Sterling knows that's his cue to hug me and assure me that we'll never end up like that.

I love my parents. They're amazing people. Things were definitely rocky though when I was growing up. Not all the time, but there were distinct bad periods. I remember that I sometimes used to wish my parents would get divorced. Not that I necessarily wanted them apart, but I wanted the fighting and the hard times to stop. I know they considered getting one many times. At the worst point, they even separated for awhile. But they worked through it, and I can see now that they're better now than they used to be. They handle their problems differently.

I'm glad they stayed together. Besides the obvious reasons, I believe it benefited me in how I will handle my marriage. I pray that Sterling & I will never have to go through all the problems my parents did, of course. But I learned what commitment truly is. It was instilled in me that you don't just leave someone because you have problems. I know how marriage is supposed to work. If my parents were able to get through all the struggles they did, then we can deal with arguing over things like how loud I eat or Sterling being messy or how much money we spend.

This is cake.

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