Monday, October 24, 2011

Unofficially married.

Hey folks, wanna see something that's pretty dang cool?

Yep, we got our marriage license today. No, it does not mean that we're married (I had to clarify this part to my beloved fiance). Bright and early this morning, we went down to the courthouse and raised our right hands, read an informative HIV pamphlet (and signed it, swearing that we haven't shared needles with anyone or slept with someone who was infected with HIV between 1978-1985), and signed ourselves away to each other. Romantic, right?

This whole wedding thing seems to be rolling pretty well! The men have all been fitted for their tuxes, the girls have all found their shoes, everyone's getting invites in the mail, and I don't feel too crazily stressed, seeing as how one of the most important days of my life is happening in 26 days. All that's really left are little things like finding argyle socks for the groomsmen, buying a ton of Hershey kisses, and ordering the flowers.

On the non-wedding related side of things, well, life is crazy. School is ridiculous. Sterling and I spend the majority of our nights in the library (guess where we are right now?). I keep planning out dinners to make, but I never have time to make them. The dad of the kids I nanny is in Nepal for three weeks, so I've been taking care of them a whole lot more and will continue doing so for awhile longer! There are endless exams to study for (and fail) lately. Yesterday was the first time we went to church in close to a month. And we're not going to make it this Sunday, either.

We had our first one-on-one date night in awhile last Friday, and it was wonderful. Sterling saw maybe 1/8 of Paranormal Activity 3, because the other 7/8 of it he spent with his face tucked into his sweatshirt and squirming in his seat with fear, shrieking "I'M NOT LOOKING! I CAN'T! I'M NOT LOOKING! WHY DID WE COME TO THIS MOVIE?!?" Poor boy. It was pretty endearing, though. He distracted me from smacking the twelve incredibly annoying sorostitutes that were sitting in front of us.

Anyway, I'm supposed to be studying for my anatomy lab exam that is tomorrow morning. Wish me luck? I'd be filled with joy for a low C even. Cross your fingers.

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