Friday, October 28, 2011

802 miles.

That's how far it is from my hometown of Placerville, CA to good old Moscow, ID. So it makes sense that it's a little weird to pass a random kid who I gradated high school with in the library of the University of Idaho, right? Or when I'm stalking random people from high school and stumble upon some girl (who I don't actually know) who also goes to U of I? I mean, I know of five people from Union Mine HS who now live in Moscow. Funny.

The other day, I was talking to this girl in one of my classes who's from the Bay Area (California). She asked me about why I chose UI for college, and not Sac State or UC Davis. Well, I spent a good year planning to go to each of those schools. I had such a clear picture of my life at those places. I also remember making my mom drive around the UC Santa Cruz campus one summer while we were on vacation, thinking I'd maybe like to go there. She was freaking out about how far away from home it was. It's a little over 3 hours away. That makes me laugh now.

I also spent about six months of my life thinking I was going to move to Lake Tahoe after high school, and go to the community college there, then transfer to Sierra Nevada College, a tiny private college. My high school boyfriend got accepted there, and we thought the 1.5 hour distance would be devastating. He only ended up going to SNC for a week though, so thankfully I never moved anywhere for him. He's now married and just bought a house about five minutes from my parents' house. I find that funny, too. Though I love my parents, once again I'm thankful things worked out the way they did because I would not want to live my life in Placerville.

Anyway, I guess my point is that I realized I probably shouldn't try too hard to make any plans about where my life will be a year from now. Here I am, picturing what my life will be going to ISU in Pocatello or USU in Logan next year, and I'll probably just end up laughing at myself because my plans pretty much never pan out. Which, so far, has been for the very best. So who knows, maybe Sterling and I will be living in Ireland or Missouri next year. Oh gosh, I hope not Ireland though. I can't stand accents.

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