Saturday, October 22, 2011

I quit.

I feel like giving up on school.

I've been struggling with my anatomy class from the start. But the last few weeks, I've been putting a lot more time into it. I've actually read all the chapters, I've studied the diagrams in the book, I've taken practice quizzes online, I've even followed the weird tips the professor has given us, like not studying at all the day of the exam. And I feel like I actually know what's going on in that class. Like, I tell Sterling random anatomy facts as we're driving around even. I know all the types of articulations on the body, I know what somas and dendrites are, I can tell you the different sections of the brain, I know all the modalities of the different senses. Yesterday, I had an exam and I've probably felt more prepared for it than any other in that class.

And I got a 42%.

I don't even know what to do. I've done so much! And I will die if I end up failing this class. I did the math and I pay about $1600 per class. So wasting all the money, not to mention time?! Oh hellll no.

I have an exam in the lab portion of that class this Tuesday. I've actually been doing better in that part; the last couple quizzes I've gotten 80 and 85% on. But I've been devoting all my time lately to studying the lecture material, so I'm pretty behind in the lab part now. So I'm not expecting a good grade on this test.

Not to mention I have a Chemistry exam the following Monday, and I'm definitely borderline passing that class, as well. Once again, the lab part I have mostly A's in, but the lecture part I'm failing.

I want to be done with school. I feel like I wasted so much time taking random classes because my plans have changed so much. Looking at my transcript, there are so many classes that are useless to me now. Economical statistics? Astronomy? Half a dozen child development and family life classes? Well, those last ones will come in handy if we move to Pocatello ever and I transfer to ISU, since I'd switch to a BS of General Family & Consumer Sciences there.

Honestly? Whenever I actually get a degree, whether it's in Nutrition, Health Sciences, or Family & Consumer Sciences.....I have no clue what I actually want to do with it. Literally, none. I just know that I'm interested in those topics (just not the prereqs that lead up to them).

I just want to have a nice job with a desk of my own that I can put cute family pictures on and eat my lunch out of a cool Tupperware thing at, and receive a decent paycheck from. That's all.

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