Friday, October 7, 2011

The hardest thing.

As I was sitting here, browsing random FB profiles waiting for Sterling to get off work, I came across the blog of the mom of this kid from my town who was killed in a car accident last March. She wrote about how she walked for him at his high school graduation shortly after he died, and how she knew he was watching over her then, because they frequently talked about how her biggest regret was not finishing school. And how Travis, one of her son's best friends, made it a point to come hug her when they saw each other this August....and then Travis died a couple of weeks later. And how she kept receiving letters in the mail from UNR about campus events and such, and she finally had to call the university and tell them he wasn't going to be attending because he had died. I cried while reading it. It's amazing what some people have to go through, and how much they can/have to handle. I can't even imagine.

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