Friday, August 24, 2012

Quick rant

Three random people have recently told me I don't look pregnant. Do they really think my stomach just looks this disproportionately huge normally?!

One of those people was a doctor. Yup. He thought I already had the baby 5 months ago, not that I was 5 months pregnant. This baby needs to pop out another foot or two apparently so that I can look like a real pregnant woman.

One more pregnancy rant:

I've read SO many blogs/forums about women who say their boobs started getting huge at, like, 8 weeks. Um, so when exactly is that going to kick in for me?? If people are going to think I'm just fat, I might as well have the chest to go along with it.

That's all for now :)  In all honestly, the pregnancy is going great. Just a few minor, likely hormone-induced rants!

PS: where did my bottom lip go in that picture?

Monday, August 13, 2012

20 weeks and a GIRL!

Time for a quick, much overdue update. We found out last week that baby is a girl!!! We've named her Brynleigh Grace. Here's a picture of her cute little face:

I'm in love with her little nose. I just think she's the cutest thing ever :)

Today I'm 20 weeks! Can't believe I'm halfway through. It's gone by so slow and fast at the same time! Here's a picture from today:

Anyway, everything is going great with Baby Brynleigh. I saw a specialist last week for my bladder and kidney issues. I'm on daily antibiotics for the next 8 weeks, along with a bunch of supplements, and then we'll see if I need to stay on them for the rest of my pregnancy. I've started feeling sick again the last few days, and I'm hoping that it's not related to the meds. Let's just hope it passes soon!

And, as promised, here are a couple of pictures from when Sterling and I went to the temple a few weeks ago:

Isn't he so stinkin' cute? And I get him for eternity :)

Anyway, that's all for now!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Big City

Finally, a post on my recent adventure to Los Angeles!

So I flew down there for a long weekend July 26-29. My sister moved down there (from Sacramento) last fall, I hadn't seen her since Christmas, and I hadn't visited her in LA yet, SO it was time for a visit! Here are a few pictures recapping the trip.

Somewhere in Hollywood. The Hollywood sign is in the background if you look hard! Fun Fact: A human head was recently found up at the sign. Eeek! Another Fun Fact: The Boulevard of Stars actually isn't very exciting at all. The majority of the stars are people you've never heard of, and they're in front of sketchy porn stores. They sure don't show that on The Hills!

Getting my sushi fix my first day in LA.

The Santa Monica beach! Yeah, I got burned.

Me & Sheet in her apartment. PS: Sheet=Tara=My sister. It's a weird mutual nickname we've had for years.

Us & Matthew (Sheet's boyfriend)

At In-N-Out. You know, eating.

Sunny drove down from Santa Maria and visited us for the day!

So as you can probably guess, our main events on my trip involved food. We eat a lot. And we drove around a bunch. I saw a lot of the city. And it was confirmed that I'm not a city-person at all. I don't know how people live there! It was fun to visit for a few days, but my beloved Idaho felt really nice to be back in :)  Though I do miss being near the ocean, that's one of California's perks.

Anyway, I loved seeing my sister and eating yummy things that Idaho is lacking. And it was also nice getting my first tan/burn of the year finally.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

18 weeks and a mystery baby.

Here's the 18 week picture. Getting pretty big! We had an appointment with my doctor today and we were supposed to find out the sex of the baby. Buuuut, little baby was too busy moving around and not showing us its little parts, so we couldn't find out. The doctor says his guess is a girl, but that he really doesn't know. It was the most disappointing thing. I was to just know finally!!!! My next appointment isn't for 4 more weeks. Ughhhhh.

I'm thinking I want to switch OBs. The one I have is really nice and good and everything, but he just seems too rushed and not really involved on an individual basis. Plus his cell phone kept ringing during my ultrasound today, and he didn't even silence it. Just let it ring and keep going off. Then he rushed out of the room without even asking me if I had any questions for him, which I did. SO I called another office in IF that is supposed to be great, and I have an appointment with them on Monday. I'm really nervous about this whole switching thing though. I have to have my records faxed from my current doctor to the new one by Monday, and I'm afraid that if I don't like the new guy and want to go back to my original doctor, I don't want my doctor to be mad that I've been trying to find someone new! So I don't know, I have a few days to think it over still.

Anyway, everything is going well. I've gained a pound finally, haha. I've been feeling really good and have more energy. And I want to eat everything!

That's about all for the update. I still need to do a post about my LA trip! I promise I will get to that soon.