Thursday, December 13, 2012

Full Term!

As of this past Monday, I am officially full term! Not that that means much to Brynleigh, though. She's apparently perfectly content staying in my tummy until January. When I was at my doctor appointment last week, my cervix was "thick and closed". Meaning, she ain't tryin' to get out of there anytime soon. I go back tomorrow and I am PRAYING it's changed. Even just a little bit, I would be ecstatic. 

Everything is going well, just lots of aches and pains. My back and stomach are constantly hurting. I get a new form of pain daily and I excitedly google it (you should really see how many times a day I google something hoping it's a labor sign) and think that maybe it was a real contraction. But they never turn out to be, because here I am, super pregnant still.

I bought an exercise ball today to bounce on at home to get her moving down lower in my pelvis & help dilate me. I bought the one for short people (short ADULTS, it says, I should clarify), since I'm barely 5'2. I get it home, exhaust myself trying to blow it up, then sit on it only to have my knees practically at chest level. Uh, yeah, that's not gonna work. It's like a toddler-sized ball. I'm angry. Hopefully Walmart will let me exchange it, even though I already tore the package apart and got my slobber all over while blowing it up (because the foot pump it comes with is garbage, by the way).

While in Walmart, a lady was telling me some 'cute' story about a baby who was born at Mountain View yesterday at 12:12pm on 12/12/12 without being induced or a c-section or anything. Instead of thinking it was a cool story, I was just pissed off the entire time she was telling me it because the stinkin' woman wasn't due until December 30th. And she already has her baby. Grr.

I really am a nice, happy person, I swear. I'm not grumpy all the time. I just need a little time daily to moan about how I'm still pregnant. And yes, I'm perfectly aware that I'm not even due for more than two weeks. I shouldn't be complaining yet. Let's all just hope I don't go over my due date. Oh man.

Anyway, here's a picture from today.

Oh, Sterling and I went to a childbirth class last Saturday. I think Sterling learned a lot. Maybe more than he wanted to. But now we're totally prepared. You know, in case Bryn was waiting on that. I'm not quite sure what else she'd be waiting on now.

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