Sunday, December 23, 2012

39 weeks.

I'm 39 weeks. And I'm still pregnant. I feel like I'm going to be pregnant forever. I feel great, much too good for someone who should be popping out a baby anytime now. Thus, I am brought to the conclusion that labor is nowhere near.

My cervix is 'unfavorable'. Cool.

On Friday at my appointment, my blood pressure was high, so my doctor told us to come to the hospital Saturday morning for a non-stress test. He said that if they found something wrong on the test, they'd probably have to induce me. If everything was fine, he just wants to see me on Wednesday, when he'll check my cervix again and if I'm 'favorable' then I'd have the option to be induced then. Otherwise, he's going out of town after that until the new year, so if I went into labor while he's gone, some random doctor would deliver me. But if I'm still pregnant when he gets back (which he thinks I will be), he'd likely want to induce me in the first few days of January.

So we told ourselves that the test would probably go perfectly fine and we tried to really not get our hopes up that we'd be having a baby on Saturday. We packed all our bags, loaded the car with the carseat and my bouncing ball, and headed to the hospital Saturday morning. Of course, the NST went perfectly fine, no problems there. And we were sent home. With no baby. And we were disappointed and sad.

Now, I do not want to be induced. Induction usually makes your contractions much more painful than they'd naturally be, and since I want a drug-free birth, it would make that really hard. Plus, being induced (especially when your cervix is nowhere near ready) majorly increases your risk of having a c-section, which is my biggest fear. In general, what I want most out of this birth is that it is as natural as possible, so really, an induction is the complete opposite of my desired birth plan.

BUT, when someone is offering you the chance to meet your baby, that is really really tempting. So not having to be induced on Saturday actually turned out to be quite a let-down, even if I know I really don't want to be induced. And if I'm offered an induction on Wednesday, I don't know what I will do. I hope I can stick to my goals, but it will be really hard to turn down the opportunity to meet this little girl. We are so so super excited for her to be here.

That's about it for the pregnancy update. Be praying that there's a baby here in time for my next update!

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