Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas & no baby

I was really hoping to not blog again until I had a baby here with me, but that's just not happening.

I had my doctor's appointment yesterday (Wednesday). My cervix is still unchanged. Like, it's doing absolutely nothing. My doctor is now gone on vacation and will be back next Thursday, the 3rd. So he's having me come in early Thursday morning and suggests we just schedule a c-section because he really just doesn't think my body is going to go into labor on it's own. Baby dropped weeks ago, but her head isn't far enough down to be dilating me, so I'm just at a standstill, making no progress whatsoever.

He says I can choose to try to be induced first, but unless my cervix suddenly becomes favorable, the induction will most likely fail and I'll end up with a c-section anyway. I'm really torn about the whole thing, because I feel like I should just wait it out and my body has got to eventually go into labor on it's own, right? But if it doesn't, or if it starts to but stops dilating during labor, I'll just end up with a c-section anyway, and I'd much rather have one sooner than later so that Sterling has more time with me and Brynleigh before he has to go back to work on the 7th.

I just really wish she would surprise us all and show up in these next few days on her own. But it seems that there's a very slim slim chance of that happening.

Anyway, on to other things! Christmas! My doctor didn't want me traveling, so on Saturday Sterling's whole family came to our apartment and we had a Christmas party here. We had a lot of fun and it was good to see everyone. Christmas Eve I made a big dinner then Sterling & I went to the Lutheran church's candlelight service at nighttime. Then we came home and got into our traditional new pj's (picture to follow:). Christmas Day we just slept in then opened our presents. I got a new laptop! I needed one SO bad. My old one was like 4 years old and overheated constantly. So now I have a nice new one! I got a lot of other goodies, too. Sterling spoiled me. He got a Leatherman and some silver and the Dark Knight and some other fun things. Brynleigh got a few cute outfits, too :)

Then we went down to Pocatello for Chinese food, like they do in A Christmas Story (aka Sterling's favorite movie). It was a nice, relaxing Christmas. It was a little weird to not be with family for it, but it was also pretty nice to just enjoy it together.

Anyway, here is our PJ picture! Mine were some wonderful fleecy leopard ones, and Sterling got A Christmas Story ones. P.S.: Ralphie is exactly what I picture Sterling to have been like as a kid, so I just crack up all throughout the movie.

Yes, I'm huge.

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