Thursday, March 8, 2012

spinach&southeast idaho

Remember how I said Sterling and I were going to get serious about being healthy? Totally are. For real this time! We've been going to the gym regularly, eating healthy, haven't had baked goods, candy, or pop in like 10 days, and dang, we're just on fire.

I bought The Biggest Loser's Weight Loss Yoga DVD, and goodness, that stuff is good. I convinced the Husband to do it with me the other night, and he was sweating buckets and had no idea yoga was so hard. I've got some sore abs and arm muscles today. And last night, I made us a Green Monster Smoothie. Did you know that spinach is amazing in smoothies? You can't even taste it! I have a feeling we're going to be drinkin' a lot of smoothies.

Saturday we leave for Grace for spring break! I'm so excited. Can't wait for a break from school. We're taking a different route down there this time, just for fun. We're driving through the most desolate parts of Idaho where we've never been! I frantically searched Yelp for somewhere exciting for us to get lunch at on our way. Sterling will hopefully talk to a few people about potential jobs while we're down in SE Idaho, so I'm super anxious about that. I just want him to secure a job already! This whole patience thing just isn't workin for me.

He did get a call yesterday about a job interview at Lamb Weston in Kennewick, WA. They supposedly hire for the American Falls branch, so this could be very good! His interview is super early the morning of the 22nd, so they're getting us a hotel room for the night before. So it'll be a nice little trip for us! And a chance to eat sushi (yep, I already Yelped Kennewick, too).

This week is mid-terms. So fun, right? I've been studying for my statistics test tomorrow. I'm kinda bombing that class right now, so it's about time for me to start getting better grades. The thing with stats though, is that I never know if I actually am understanding it or not! I went into the last test thinking I was totally prepared after studying, and I got 55%. Uh, yeah. So this time I studied using an old copy of this units test that he gave us, so hopefully that'll help me out a bit. A girl in our ward took this same class, and she said she was doing really bad in it too, but the professor majorly curves the final, and she ended up with a C, which was way better than she expected. So I'm kind of hoping that the same thing happens to me. I would be totally thrilled with a C in this class!

Sterling and I have our midterm for our finance class tonight. It's online, so we'll take it together and hope it goes alright. We've been doing well in the class so far otherwise, so I'm not to worried about it. But do you know how annoying and boring it is to take a 100 question test online?! It's not fun.

 Anyway, I think that's all the news. Next time I blog, I'll probably be in the lovely SE Idaho!!! Cannot wait :)

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