Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Life is amazing. Things are so good, and they only keep getting better. I don't know why I'm so blessed, but I am and I know it. It's kind of crazy just how well things are going lately. I mean, there's still always the less-than-pleasant stuff going on, like stressful school and work and whatnot. But the big things are all falling into place.

Sterling was offered three (post-graduation) jobs last week. One came a few days before the other. It paid the best and it came with a nice chunk of money for our relocation. But the job itself wasn't ideal for what Sterling wants to do, and it's hours weren't too desirable. We knew that it would be smart financially to take the job, plus it was in the perfect area for me to go to school. But we waited to hear back from the other two places. The second offer was a job Sterling would absolutely love, but the pay was on the lower end of things, they wouldn't cover me on insurance, and it was in a tiny town that I'd feel pretty isolated in.

Meanwhile, Sterling called the company that made the first offer and told the guy that he wanted to let him know that he'd need a couple more days to decide, because he had to really think about the offers and decide what's best for us. The man lashed out at Sterling and was very angry that Sterling would even dare consider other options. Um, are you serious? It was a pretty emotional thing, because Sterling felt really bad for potentially hurting a good opportunity. But this pretentious man doesn't really seem like someone you'd want for a boss, does it?

So we fasted. This was my first time ever fasting, to be honest. I was pretty intimidated by it, convinced I would starve to death and die of dehydration in those 24 hours. But we did it anyway, and hey, I survived! And we felt much better after doing so.

Then on Monday, the third offer came. It was for an assistant farm manager position through Wada Farms. The pay is less than Job #1, there's no relocation money, and it's a little further from ISU than we wanted, but it's for a great company who has treated Sterling so nicely, the pay is decent, they'll give Sterling a truck & gas to drive to and from work daily, and we'll have full insurance coverage. We feel really good about it, so Sterling is taking it!

We're so thankful that Sterling was able to find a good job so quickly! It fell into place so well. We're soso excited to move to Southeast Idaho!

I've applied to ISU and am working with my advisors to figure out all my transfer stuff so that I can get situated and decide which classes I still need. My advisor informed me yesterday that ISU just implemented a new 2-year rotation for the classes in my department, meaning all the classes are only offered once every two years! I freaked out because that meant I'd have to take a whole additional year of college in order to get all my remaining classes, since they won't all be offered next year. So I sent my advisor a frantic email, and she assured me that since I'll be a senior, I can do independent study with the classes I need. Whew. Crisis diverted. I can still graduate next year!

Wada Farms told us we could live anywhere from Pocatello to Idaho Falls. We've decided the IF area is where we want to be. You can get much nicer townhouses for so much cheaper! So we've got some friends helping us scout out our next home. I found us an apartment in Shelley that we absolutely love. It has granite counter-tops in the kitchen!!! But they're looking to rent it now. So we're hoping that it (or another in the complex) will be available in a month.

Aaand, last but not least, we received a lovely, unexpected $350 bonus check today! Back in like October, Sterling heard about this website (through the Idaho government) that lists unclaimed property. So he went online, typed in his name, and found that he had some unclaimed money! So much time had passed that we kind of forgot about it, but Sterling's mom called him today and said it came to their house in the mail.

I don't know about you, but I think we are pretty seriously blessed. Everything has just gotten SO good these last few days, I can hardly believe it. This has all built up my faith so much, too. There's no way not to see the Lord's hand in it all; it's just come together so well. I am so very, very thankful for this wonderful life I've been given!

One more thing: Sterling bought his cap and gown for graduation yesterday. When he tried it on, I cried. I'm gonna be a mess at his actual graduation! Goodness. I'm just so proud of him :)

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