Sunday, March 18, 2012

I hate Blogger.

As you may have noticed, my last post had some pictures that obviously didn't show up. I had a very frustrating time with blogger the other night. For some reason, it didn't want me to post pictures while I was in Grace. But now, back in Moscow, it has no problem. So now there are more pictures, so go back and check them out.

So yes, we are back in the lovely Moscow. Except, right now it doesn't seem too lovely. It feels kind of sad and lonely. We're missing Southeast Idaho. Now that we've got ourselves envisioned down there and have been looking at places to live and everything, Moscow isn't feeling too homey. But we're here for the last big stretch, then it's all done! We have 8 weeks left. Let's hope it flies!

A quick recap of the last two days:

Saturday, we woke up super early (I'm talking 5am) to go to our nephew Lincoln's wrestling tournament in Twin Falls with the family. It was my first time ever really watching wrestling. Sterling is all about it and wants our future boys to wrestle, which I've honestly been not so sure about. I think wrestling in junior high PE kind of scarred me, plus, if you know me well you'll know I hate anything that resembles fighting in any way. There's some past scarring associated with that, as well. Buuut, I may have changed my outlook a bit. It was actually pretty fun to watch, plus all the kids were like under 10, so it was cute. The only thing that worries me is the whole crying-after-losing thing. There were some sad little boys out there!

Then, Saturday night Sterling, his mom, and I went down to Logan for the Utah State vs. Idaho Vandals game. It was pretty dang sad looking. We ended up losing by 20, and the 2nd half was better, but our team looked horrible in the 1st half. Ughh. We beat Utah earlier in the season, so it's not like they're that good even! But it was a fun game still. Aggies fans are the most annoying fans I've seen though. Drove me crazy!

So today we drove back to Moscow. It was a long 10 hour drive, but we arrived with no scary incidents. I think I neglected to tell that on the drive down to Grace, we almost got killed on the Lolo Pass by a semi-truck who was passing a car on a corner. Uh, yeah. Pants were near-peed.

And now it's back to normal, uneventful, school and work life. Oh, goodness. Eight weeks, eight weeks, eight weeks, eight weeks....

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