Saturday, February 4, 2012


Well, the Week of Terrible is officially over. I still would like to just hide in my bed all day, but that comes from nothing but a lack of sleep. I tell you, I cannot wait until we get our nice, new bed and we have a cozy living room with a TV to which The Husband can retreat to when he wakes up before me in the morning.

Here's a recap of what I neglected to write about during the past week:

Last weekend we drove down to Grace. We had a farewell breakfast for Stephanie, Sterling's little sister. She left for the MTC on Wednesday the 1st-- she's been called to serve the Cleveland/Kirtland, Ohio Mission. She spoke at Sacrament Meeting Sunday, which was great. We're sad to not get to see her for the next 18 months, but she'll have amazing experiences and will be such a good missionary.

Sunday was also the baby blessing of our newest niece, Emma Grace. She's the cutest little thing ever.

It was nice having (almost) the whole Stoddard family together. Have I mentioned that we have some pretty dang cute nieces and nephews? They're fun, even though they burst into our room and wake us up early in the morning!

The weekend after next, Sterling's mom and brother Stacey are coming to Moscow to visit. They're driving to Seattle to check out a mortuary school thing Stacey wants to go to (yes, he's a little crazy but we love him), and making a side trip to see us.

I think that's about all the news for us. The rest is the same; I'm still addicted to Pinterest, I'm still madly searching for jobs for Sterling and being anxious to find out where we're going to live in just over 3 months.

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  1. Oh, no! I'm sorry about the kids waking you up! Thank you for being so patient with them! One day when you have kids, the tables will turn, and I promise to be as good to your kids as you are with mine!