Monday, February 27, 2012

I love you, Monday.

Tonight is one of those really nice nights. The day was just alright, but I'm quite enjoying the night. I went visiting teaching, which I'm really starting to like. I have a great companion (Sterling and I had dinner with her and her husband last week, we love them!), and the ladies we teach are both really nice. This whole husband thing is wonderful, but it's also nice to just go talk with other girls :)

And now Sterling and I are both home, just hanging out in the living room, him reading his new book and me, well, doing this. First off, I love hanging out in our living room, mostly because we never do. Our TV is in the bedroom, so we spend pretty much all our free time lounging in bed, watching Friends or something. Second, it's nice just being together but doing our own thing. I admit, I'm not always very good with this. I have this thing where I think that whenever we're just hanging out together, we should be cuddling. I'm just most comfortable when we're close. But I do enjoy this 'together but separate' time, as well.

And third, well, I don't have class on Tuesdays, so I'm kind of a fan of Monday nights in general!

Okay, enough of my babbling about this lovely night. I suppose a recap of the last week is in order.

Last weekend, we went to the temple in Spokane to do baptisms for the dead. I liked it a lot. I love temples and really feel a connection to them, so it was cool to actually be in one for the first time! The Spokane one is tiny though. But pretty still! We drove there with the lovely Bowles' and got some delicious Red Robin with them afterwards, so it was a good day all around.

I don't think the weekdays were too interesting, so we'll skip them.

Friday evening, Suzy and Stacey, Sterling's mom and brother, arrived in Moscow! They stayed with us until Sunday after church. We showed them around little Moscow, I got Suzy to try (and love!!!) sushi, introduced them to JAMMS, took a windy, snowy walk around campus, and all sorts of fun stuff. They came to church with us Sunday to hear us give our talks. As terrified of speaking as I was, I actually lost a lot of that nervousness as it got closer. It wasn't bad at all! Sterling did a great job on his talk. I swear, that guy has got to be a bishop someday. He just sounds like a preacher. He got all teary-eyed up there too, which is my favorite thing :)

I ended up getting sick Saturday night with who-knows-what and I'm just now getting over it, so that kind of put a damper on things a bit. I still don't know what was/is wrong with me. Saturday I thought it was a migraine, Sunday I thought it was a flu, today I'm thought it's a sinus problem....but I really don't know. It just felt like a really bad head cold without all the stuffiness and snot and gross stuff.

But anyway, it was a fun weekend! We loved having family here. Spring break is in two weeks, and it looks like we'll be headed down to Grace to spend it there. I'm excited! Can't wait for the week off, I'm already ready for the semester to be over.

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