Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hello, Mr. President Hopeful

Once again, I'm blogging because my husband was bugging me to do so. This time, though, it was so that I'd stop bugging him to hurry up on his homework so we could leave the library and go home. Well, whatever works.

Friday was THE day. As in, The Day Dr. Ron Paul Came to Moscow, Idaho. It ended up being an even bigger day in the Stoddard household that I'd imagined it being.

You see, we signed up with Youth for Ron Paul (a campus club) to help out with the rally. Sterling knew some people who were pretty much in charge of organizing the event. We had official little badges. We were tabling outside the ballroom before the event started, trying to recruit people to our campus club, YAL. I got antsy and suggested to Sterling that we abuse the privileges of our fancy badges and slip into the ballroom early to make sure we got good seats to see Dr. Paul speak. So, in we went. And then one of the coordinator guys asked us if we would escort Ron Paul from his car into the ballroom. Um, YES!

So out we went to meet cute little Ron Paul at his car and walk him up to the backstage area of where he was speaking. We met his wife and granddaughter, we got pictures with him, we prayed with him, and we hung out back there for a good 15 minutes. Then we got to watch him speak from the side of the stage, where his family and guards were sitting.

Sterling about cried, he was so excited and happy. It was pretty funny. So yes, it was quite the exciting experience! I told Sterling I must've been inspired when I decided we should sneak in early.

Here are some snazzy pictures documenting the event:

The whole group of volunteers with Ron Paul.
Ahhh!!! There we all are! Isn't Dr. Paul such a cute old man?

These are aforementioned fancy badges.

A view from our seats.

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