Sunday, February 12, 2012


Today, Sterling told me I needed to blog. Apparently he checks everyday to see if I wrote something new, and he's tired of being disappointed :)

Maybe I'm forgetting something, but I don't think this past week was too exciting.

Aside from some nannying drama, of course. One of my kids got in trouble for some lying and cheating at school, so when I picked him up, his teacher talked with me about it. Then my kid sat on the floor of the main hallway of the school, crying/fake crying and wailing (he didn't want to go home because that meant telling Mom & Dad). For 20 minutes. It took me and 3 of the staff members to finally talk him into getting up and walking out to the car. It was pretty ridiculous for an 8 year old. Plus, most other parents at the school assume I'm his mom (Uh, not quite), so I'm seen as that mom who can't control her child who has crazy tantrums while much-too-old. Yeah, that was fun.

We've also been avid Vandals Basketball fans. Well, we always have been. But there were three really good games this week, so that's another thing we spent a lot of time doing. I really like watching basketball. Gets me all fired up!

Then today. Ohhh, today. We went to church and the Bishop's secretary pulled us aside and told us the bishop wanted to speak with us. So we went to see him during Sunday School. First, I was given a calling. My first calling! I'm one of the Activities Coordinators for Relief Society. I kind of neglected to ask what exactly that entails, but it should be good!

We also got our temporary Temple recommends so that we can go to Spokane on our Ward Temple Trip this Saturday to do Baptisms for the Dead! I'm pretty excited about that. It'll be another first for me!

And now here's the real kicker. So in Sacrament meeting today, Sterling and I were talking about how we hope we can manage to get through this semester without being asked to give a talk. We know sometimes our bishop likes to ask people to speak when they're about to move away and leave our ward, so I joked that we just shouldn't tell our bishop when we leave. In case you haven't caught on yet, I'm terrified of speaking in public and would die if I had to give a talk in church.

Fast forward about 20 minutes after mine and Sterling's talk about this. We go talk to the bishopric. The bishopric asked Sterling and I to both speak in Sacrament Meeting on the 26th.

Oh. My. Goodness. I really wanted to pee my pants or cry or something. Luckily, I was able to refrain from either.

But seriously?! Oh, man. So, I'm giving a talk about my conversion and testimony. Which, yes, is a pretty easy thing to start on. But....I'm still absolutely terrified and am dreading doing it!

I know it'll be a good thing though. I knew it was bound to happen, and I do really need to get more comfortable with stuff like this. But sheesh, it was a little earlier than I expected! It'll be interesting to see what a nervous wreck I am as the 26th gets closer.

Now that that's on my mind, I can't think of much else that's been going on! Oh, our friends are getting married Tuesday! Well, they're getting married this summer in Indonesia, but they're doing it legally at the courthouse on Tuesday so that everything is squared away and she can start going through the citizenship process and whatnot. So that's exciting! Except I have to work while they're doing it, so I'm pretty bummed I can't be there for it. Sterling promised me he'll take pictures, but come to think of it, I'm not exactly sure if that's allowed in a courthouse, ha.

Tuesday is also Valentine's Day, which I'm pretty excited about. Mostly because we're going to a new restaurant that has a good special going on. Yeah, food gets me pretty dang excited. Aaand, I think that's all for my recap for now!

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