Thursday, January 19, 2012

winter wonderland.

Moscow is in the middle of a blizzard. The University closed school today. A snow day in college? Yes please.

It's been snowing for a couple of days straight. It won't stop. But as much as I hate snow, I don't actually mind it too much this time. I mean, it's cold and I slip a lot and all our mail gets wet, but it kind of transformed Moscow into a cute, snowy little town. And our Xterra is a total beast in the snow, so it's pretty fun driving around town in it. And with no school or work, we're just holed up in our apartment, baking cookies and muffins and crepes. We might have a few extra inches of insulation on our tummies by the time this blizzard clears up. Oh, and the gym is closed too. Oh, darn.

Here are a couple of pictures from yesterday. It hasn't stopped snowing since, so you can imagine how much snow there is now. A ton. These pictures really don't do the snow justice, at all.

There is like a 4 ft snow bank in the middle of all the roads around town. It's almost as tall as me! :)

This is our apartment building. We're upstairs there :)

Oh, did I mention that we decided to wait until today to go do our laundry? We've been putting it off for a week, and we couldn't wait any longer. So, The Stoddard's ventured out in the blizzard down to the laundromat and filled 5 (five!!!) machines with our clothes. I can't wait til we have our own washer & dryer.
It's looking like tomorrow will be a snow day as well. I'd kind of like to make money, so I hope the storm clears up someday soon though. But until then, we will continue baking (I've got some bread rising as we speak), eating, and watching movies. My Sister's Keeper is up next tonight. I'm excited for it. Sterling rented Bladerunner, but I refused to watch it. I had a Sci-Fi English class my senior year of high school (apparently that's weird, I hear) and the crazy lunatic of a teacher made us read that book and watch the movie and write crazy essays about it, so I'm still pretty scarred from the experience. 

So here's to an unexpected 4 day weekend. I guess this snow stuff isn't so bad after all.

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