Sunday, January 8, 2012

......oh, pinterest....

I can't stop looking at it. It's ridiculous.

Sterling and I have a whole new game plan for our finances this semester. Paying off our credit card entirely this week, opening a savings account (I know, we probably should've already had one) and actually using it, planning out our dinners 2 weeks at a time, etc. And we're putting it all into action ASAP.

So my current project is planning our meals and making a giant grocery list (we also are cutting waaaay back on our shopping trips and hopefully just doing it every other week). I really need to start cooking more than the same few meals, and this has made me do that. So, this is where Pinterest comes in. I've been looking through the food section for a good two hours. There are amazing things on there. And now I can't stop. How am I ever supposed to get anything done when such a wonderful website exists?

It kind of forces me to cut Sterling a little slack with his Reddit addiction. Actually, he has a lot of addictions like that. The latest is video games. He found his old Playstation 2 while we were at his parents house, so he brought it home with us and is on it 24/7. I have to admit though, I actually like it. See, I like just hanging out at home together, but with no internet or cable, The Husband gets pretty bored there and always wants to go to campus or something. But now he has entertainment, so now I can lounge around home, enjoying Sterlings (somewhat distracted) company. It's a pretty nice set-up.

.....Aaaand I'm already desperately wanting to go back to Pinterest. This is horrible. But a really good kind of horrible.

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