Tuesday, December 6, 2011

he's learning.

Yesterday was a very Mondayish kind of Monday. I was tired and not looking forward to these next two weeks of finals hell. Then the hot chocolate machine on campus exploded on me. I pressed the button and hot water and powder came spraying out on me. It wasn't pleasant.

Then I lost Sterling. His phone was dead, so I clarified that he was going to meet me outside my class when it got done, then we'd go together to another building across campus and I'd wait for him while he had a job interview. He apparently missed this plan entirely. So when he's not waiting for me after class, I race across campus and up to the 4th floor of the library, thinking he's just on the computer and lost track of time (this happens often). He's not there. I race back to the building where my class was, to check if he was there now. Nope. So I go to the AgSci building (where his interview was) and track down the office of whom I'm told is the only Lorie in the department (I only knew the lady he was meeting with's first name) and wait outside her office for 15 minutes, thinking he must either be in there or he'll show up there soon.

Finally, some lady shows up and tells me Lorie isn't even in her office. So I give up and decide I'll just walk home and hope he shows up there sometime, even though I have his housekeys and I have to leave for work in half an hour. As I'm walking out of the building, I see my adorable husband walking away across the lawn. I don't know what to do, since yelling his name across the quad or running after him would both be equally embarrassing. But I don't want to lose him again. So I do a mixture of both running and yelling. Classy, right?

So we're reunited. And he doesn't understand my frustration, since he missed our plan entirely and thought I was just going to wait for him outside of my class for half an hour. And apparently the Lorie he was meeting was on the third floor, not the first. Then after apologizing and dealing with me being grumpy the first half of our walk home, he begins laughing at the fact that I was near-tears when I finally tracked him down. Alright, I was a little worked up.

Did I mention that he did pretty much the exact same thing a couple of weeks ago? That time, he didn't hear me clarify that we're going to go shopping right after his class, and he instead thought I was in class all day and decided to sit in the computer lab playing Settlers of Catan or whatever it is that he does. And of course his phone was dead, so I was sitting at home wondering if he was alive or not, and getting pretty angry.

I think he's learned a little about listening and good communication now. And he now knows to not get annoyed with me if I repeat our plans to him five times :)

And in case anyone's wondering, he got the job. And I paid our tithing! Ya see how that works?!

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