Thursday, December 1, 2011

I saw the light

I have a confession. I'm horrible with tithing. And when I say I'm horrible with tithing, what I mean is that I don't pay it. Like, ever. Sterling isn't exactly any better than me, either. And with a bishop for a father-in-law, we've heard our fair share of lectures, warnings, and testimonies.

But still, we chose to keep that 10% of our money, because it's reallyreally hard to give away precious money when you're poor college students. And I need to eat things other than just Top Ramen.

But ya know what? I'm starting to get it now. This last week we've had some unfortunate events happen that are draining the bank account. Like my dear husband, who got us a speeding ticket on the way home from SE Idaho (the cop was really a jerk though, I must add).

And today, when I got an email from the university informing me that my insurance was randomly selected to be audited, since U of I requires all students to have health insurance. Well, the thing is, I only had insurance for a couple of months this semester, since there was a gap of no insurance between transferring from my dad's to my mom's. And now that we're married, Sterling and I both are uninsured for the next three weeks of this semester. If I can't talk (or cry) my way out of this, we could be charged $700.

You can bet that I will show up to church this Sunday (in our new married ward...yeah!!!) with a check in hand. Peace offer, yeah? And I'm not going to stop paying our tithing, because it's dang scary finding out what happens when you don't!

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