Saturday, December 3, 2011


Yesterday The Husband and I both ditched work and school and took a day trip up to Coeur D'Alene. We went to the Social Security Office and changed my name, so I am now legally and officially Kelli Stoddard. Ahh, love that. I have to wait until my birthday next month to get my first Idaho license with my new name on it though. When you turn 21, you have to get a new license anyway, so it's useless to pay money to get one for a month.

This coming week, I have to go through all the hoops with the University to change my name on records and receive my residency, as well as update both our FAFSA's. Hopefully now that we're poor, married, college students we will receive a lot of financial aid. Cross ya fingers.

We also Christmas shopped and got about 96% of it done. And it's only December 3rd!

Sterling and I know pretty much everything we're getting for each other. Mostly because I've bought both of my gifts from him myself. Heh heh. A custom Cowboys shirt (with Stoddard on the back!) and a diamond band for my wedding ring, thankyouverymuch.

When we were first engaged, I really wanted a band and was searching everywhere for one, but was too picky and didn't like how any looked with my ring. It's hard to find one that fits how I want! So I gave up and forgot about it. But now, after we're married, I want one again. I'm convinced everyone is going to think I'm just engaged forever if I don't get a band. So the nice Husband agreed to get me one, since I spent a good chunk of money on his Kindle (though gift cards covered the majority of it). So I found a pretty one and hopefully I'll get over my pickyness and just be happy I have a band. Or I'll just wear it on the other hand, if I don't. Either way, I'm happy :)

I'm happy to announce that our apartment is on it's way to finally being in order. We did some serious cleaning today. There's still a handful of things to do (I have to scrub a toilet and bathtub for the first time in my life. Oh, adulthood.), but you can actually walk through all the rooms now. Ha.

Aaaand that is all of the ever-so-interesting news from the Stoddard Newlyweds. 

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