Sunday, July 31, 2011

Don't worry bout nothing, pray about everything

I have officially left home; the house, town, state I grew up in. Not that I've really even lived there really much of the last year, but this time it is for good. The next time I come home, it'll be with my husband. I'll be married. This week when I go to the Caribou County DMV, I'll be registering my car, getting my Idaho license, and taking the first step to officially giving up my California residency.

A year from now, I have no idea where I'll be living. All I know is that it'll be somewhere in Idaho (at least most likely) and wherever Sterling can get a job, and I just hope that it's near a school where I can finish my degree. That part really scares me, actually. I haven't done anything how my family wanted me to do it, but a degree is the one promise I've made them that I really want to keep.

This whole thing is the most insane mix of scary, exciting, and crazy. I guess it's time for me to just jump in without thinking too much. That's what I did when I first decided to move to Idaho last year, I just liked the idea of it and it felt good, so I did it and never looked back. And things have fallen into place pretty well, it seems. So it looks like it's time to jump again now, and just trust that everything will work out again. This past year has been one big lesson of faith in all things.

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