Saturday, July 16, 2011


So, my life has consisted of some pretty majors events recently, from good to bad to just about everything in-between. Getting engaged, getting baptized, planning a wedding, taking lovely trips to SE Idaho, dealing with disapproving friends and family members, having my two best friends hate me for no reason, thinking I'm getting fired for two weeks straight, my dad actually really losing his job, defending my religious and life choices constantly, continually trying to convince my father I'm not running away and getting married because I hate my family, being away from my fiance for weeks at a time, and just plain being incredibly homesick for Idaho.

I keep thinking I'm going to blog about those things, but...I haven't. And I'm still not going to. Because, honestly? The only two things on my mind are this:

Idaho. Southeast Idaho, to be exact. Though I'd love to be anywhere in the state right now, I've fallen in love with this area...hard. There's just so much space and openess; nothing confines you. I go there and I'm not surrounded by big buildings or suffocating forests or mobs of people or anything. There's just space and you and gorgeousness and room to breathe. It's so different from here. It's my happy place. The fact that my favorite person and my second family are there may have something to do with that, as well. Which brings me to the second thing on my mind:

The one person who can make me happy no matter what is going on in my life, which he has proved time after time. He listens to my problems and is always sympathetic, even when he's heard me whine about the same issue over and over again and is probably more than frustrated that I haven't just used the obvious solution. He talks me through anything and wakes up when I call him at 1am crying. He comforts me and loves me and lets me know it whenever he knows I need to. And he does all of this from 700 miles away.

I absolutely cannot wait until I'm able to combine these two things in 12 days. I will be one happy, happy girl.

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