Tuesday, June 21, 2011

So there I was being all proud of myself for consistently blogging...then I stopped writing for over a week. Whoops :)

During that time, I took a lovely little day trip to Salt Lake City with Sterling and his parents. I was surprised by how much I liked SLC. It was a nice, good sized city, but still had that cozy, kind of country-ish, nice-people-filled feel to it. I'm a fan. I could be a Utahan, I do believe.

And um, I kinda fell in love with Temple Square. It's absolutely gorgeous with all those cool looking buildings and flowers and fountains everywhere you look...not to mention the giant pretty temple! I love the SLC Temple. That and the San Diego one are tied for my favorite. I didn't want to ever leave Temple Square, it was pretty mesmerizing. Plus there were a bunch of wedding going on the day we went, and well, I'm rather fascinated with weddings lately :)

It was really just like no place I had ever been to before. And this probably sounds weird or like I'm generalizing or being stereotypical or something but.....dang, I just love being around lots of Mormons. They're just so different from the people I'm used to being surrounded around, and it's a very nice, appreciated change! I never want to be away from Idaho or Utah for very long again once this summer is over. California is nice and all, and it has it's cool areas, but it's just not for me anymore. I can't wait to live somewhere with nice, normal people who share the same ideas and values. I know you're going to run into crappy, shady people no matter where you live, but there are not nearly as many there as there are here.

So this wasn't a very long, detailed update, but I will get to that later. Just wanted to get something posted now!

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