Thursday, May 9, 2013


We went to California to visit my family at the beginning of April. We flew there for a change, and Brynleigh was great on the plane! She hated TSA, though, ha. She screamed and screamed both times while we were waiting in line and going through security. It was probably because she was too hot in her carrier. But other than that, she was great!

We were only there for the weekend, so it was a short trip. We took her all around Placerville to meet family! She met both sets of her great-grandparents on my side, as well as my aunt and cousin and my cousin's kids.

Sterling and I also had our first date without the baby while in California. We left her with my parents while we went down to Folsom for some delicious sushi. Besides family and friends, I think sushi is definitely what I miss most about California.

Here are a few pictures!

Us with my grandma. Baby was so tired from all the excitement!
Great-grandma with all the great grandkids.
With my parents in Tahoe.
Tahoe! Momma needs a tan.

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