Thursday, May 9, 2013

Brynleigh's Blessing

WHEW, do I have a million things to blog about or what? We'll start with Brynleigh's blessing. We blessed her the weekend after Easter in our ward here in Grace. Sterling's sister, Mandy, and her family came for the weekend so Brynleigh got to meet some cousins!

On that Saturday, we all went over to the pool in Lava Hot Springs and swam. We even got Brynleigh in the water! Dad and Grandma Suz were both swim teachers in Lava, so this little girl has got to be a swimmer. She wasn't sure of the water at first, then she seemed pretty content in it and liked watching what everyone was doing.

Her blessing went great. She didn't cry or anything. She started being pretty squirmy I guess, but nothing bad so Sterling was still able to give her a beautiful blessing. So sweet :)

Here are some pictures from that weekend!

Love this picture.
Checkin out Cousin Lizzie

She loved eating her blessing dress.

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