Wednesday, October 31, 2012

California, Baby Shower, 31 weeks!

Time for an update! We went to California a couple weeks ago to see my family before I pop and have a baby shower!

We broke up the 12 hour drive by leaving a night early and staying in Jackpot on our way down, then had a little 'Babymoon' in Reno on our way back! We got a nice hotel room, a good dinner, and then won a bit of money in the casino, ha. Sterling doubled his money in Blackjack and I won $28 on a penny slot. It was fun and breaking up the drive a bit made it a lot easier.

Seeing my family and friends was great! They spoiled us and Brynleigh, we got a ton of cute stuff at the shower. Bryn's room is a work in progress at the moment. Her crib is all set up, and I'm ordering a changing table and glider/ottoman set from Target later this week. Right now, the floor is covered in clothes and baby shower presents and is a complete mess. But I bought a bookcase yesterday that I'm going to get some cute storage baskets to go into, then I can start organizing! There's just really no place to put anything at the moment since we use the closet in her room for storage for other things. I'm excited to get it all together in there and looking cute!

Anyway, I'm getting huge and ready to have this baby. I'm a little over 31 weeks now! Brynleigh has been moving SO MUCH this last week. It's getting pretty uncomfortable. She's so strong! Last night she was literally going crazy in there and bouncing off the walls! Sterling couldn't believe how much she was moving. She always kicks him in the middle of the night too now when he's spooning me and has his arm over my stomach. She's getting to be a crazy little girl!

She's been perfectly fine and healthy, so we're very happy! We're SO anxious to meet her though. I'm convinced she's going to come early. Hopefully not too early, but a week or two is okay :)  Actually, a week early would be Christmas and I don't want her to have a Christmas birthday. I suppose she will come when she's ready though! We're just in the waiting game for now. 

My camera was dropped and broken in Reno (it was three and a half years old, so that's okay), so I don't really have any great pictures of the bump right now. I'll hopefully have a new one soon though! For now I'll post a few pictures from California, plus a fabulous cell phone picture from a few days ago.

Us with our presents :)
My family :)
Two of my favorite ladies :)  PS: Corina totally came all the way down from Moscow and surprised me!
Aw, Sunnymarie.
Tender moment with my sister haha
Awful mirror picture at 31 weeks. Please ignore my messy bathroom counter :)

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