Friday, October 12, 2012

28.5 weeks

Time for a little update! Well, I'll be 29 weeks on Monday. Everything is going great, though we did have a bit of a scare earlier this week.

Last week, Brynleigh's movements slowed down, then on Monday I went in for my glucose test. I hadn't felt Bryn move all morning yet, which had me a little worried. So then I drank the bottle of gross syrup-y sugar water, and the nurse told me that usually babies start bouncing off the walls and moving like crazy after the mom drinks that stuff, since it's pure sugar. So this had me pretty worried. I called my doctor's office once I got done with the test, but my doctor and his nurse were both out of town. I told the lady at the desk my concerns, so she said if I was really worried then I could go get checked out at the Labor & Delivery unit at the hospital.

After some crying phone calls to my parents and Sterling, they all convinced me to just go to the hospital to make sure everything was okay. So I went and they monitored me for a little bit, and everything seemed to be fine and she started moving. Then suddenly her heart rate dropped really low for a minute. They called in the on-call doctor who ordered a biophysical ultrasound so we could check the amniotic fluid levels and everything. The ultrasound came back perfectly normal and baby Brynleigh looked just fine, so after monitoring me for a little longer, making sure her heart rate stayed stable, they released me. I went to my normal doctor on Wednesday so he could check me out again, and everything was perfect. They're thinking her heart rate dropping is nothing to worry about, she must have just gotten caught in her umbilical cord for a minute or something. So I was a very relieved momma! And she has been kicking up a storm since this incident on Monday, so I am very happy. Little Girl was just being stubborn there for a bit :)

Anyway, everything else is going great. I've had some trouble sleeping, and I get some nasty back pains pretty much everyday now, but it's all manageable. I really can't complain too much. Oh, I have been getting nauseous sometimes lately. That's really not fun. For some reason, breakfast seems to cause it the most. I don't know if my stomach is just getting squished by Baby or what, but it's not too much fun. But it's not too horrible. I'm getting so huge though! Still not sure where she's gonna go for the next 11+ weeks! I am going to be SO big. Still no stretch marks though! Thank you good genetics and/or Palmers :)

I'm pretty much completely out of any of my pre-pregnancy clothes now. My shirts look funny or aren't long enough, and well, I've been out of my jeans for a good month now. So I did some good maternity shopping the other day. I found an amazing pair of jeans that I love. They're super comfy and are actually slim-fitting, which is nearly impossible to find in maternity jeans! Everything usually is like a tent in the butt and thighs. And I bought a few new shirts to get me through for awhile. 

We're headed to California this Thursday! Hopefully the drive will go smoothly and Brynleigh and I won't have any issues. And next Saturday is my baby shower! I'm excited.

That's about it for now! I'll leave with a bump picture from today :)

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