Wednesday, May 16, 2012


This will be a quick update, because I'm doing it from Sterling's iPhone. Sterling graduated Saturday, and we make the trek down to SE Idaho immediately afterward, arriving in Grace at his parents house around 2am. We moved into our wonderful new apartment in Shelley on Monday. We got a new bedroom set (dresser, bed, headboard, nightstand) that we love-- seriously, our bed is aaamazing. And we got a nice couch from a couple in Grace, and yesterday we went out and bought a 42" flat screen TV. That is definitely Sterling's favorite thing about our new place. We got Directv today, so you can guess who has been lounging on the couch all day :)Anyway, quite simply, we love or new home. It is a million times nicer than our apartment in Moscow, so I'm feeling pretty spoiled. Plus we live being in this area. Close to family and friends and everything is just better here! AND there is a Target 15 minutes away :)Another perk of being down here was getting to see The Ackermans beautiful new little girl yesterday. If holding a brand new baby doesn't make you want one of your own, I don't know what will! Anyway, we should be getting Internet soon, so I will blog more and post pictures and whatnot.

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