Thursday, April 12, 2012

feelin' angsty!

Tomorrow we'll be on our way to Zion! Or, you know, Southeast Idaho. Pretty much the same thing :) I just have to take a statistics test then we'll be on the road around noon! We've got a couple houses/apartments to look at on Saturday, which I'm very excited about. I want to know where I'm gonna live next month!

I'm supposed to register for my fall classes at ISU on Monday....that is, if my adviser ever responds to my email. She's evaluated my transcripts, so all I want to know is which of my classes fill which requirements, and which classes I have left to take! I've been bugging her pretty fiercely. I've also been bugging the admissions office because they're taking forever to input my UI transcripts, so they have me in the system as a sophomore, which means later registration! Also, they need to change my info because they have me shown as an FCS Education major, which I am not! Sheesh. Gotta get stuff done!

Alright, the venting session is over. For now.

See these pretty flowers a certain nice husband got me? :)

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