Saturday, January 14, 2012

pumpin' iron. or, you know, walking on the treadmill.

The Stoddard's are getting fit. For real, this time. At least, I think (hope) so.

We went to the gym two days in a row. That's a good start, right? And our apartment isn't stocked with as much junk food as before. Last night, I actually witnessed Sterling going to the kitchen to get popcorn, but come back with just an orange. That's progress. To be honest though, I'm usually the one who gets us eating badly. I have some fierce cravings, and I'm just not good at denying myself sweets. But as long as we keep working out, I'm not too worried about the food part. All I want is to tone up a bit and get my blood pressure under control a bit more. There will be no deprivation of chocolate, thankyouverymuch!

PS: do other men get real grouchy before going to the gym? Seems like the moment I decide we should go to the gym, Sterling stops talking to me. So now there are three basic things that make him grouchy: being hungry, being tired, and going to the gym. So complex, right? :)

On another note, today is mine and Sterling's 'official' anniversary of when we started dating (aka made it 'Facebook Official'). Look where we are now, kiddos. 

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