Sunday, January 22, 2012

juice fast fail.

This past Friday morning, I was feeling bloated and fat and icky. So I curled up next to Sterling and started being all pathetic and whiny and such. I said we should go on a juice&produce fast (which by the way, I think are dumb and unhealthy). He, wanting to lose weight, excitedly agreed. We agreed to go for a 3 day fast.

This is the story of our Fast Day. 

So to Winco we go ASAP, and start throwing every fruit and veggie we could find into our cart. We get home and start planning out what to eat and begin munching on blueberries and kiwis and tomato juice. We were ecstatic about our new diet.

Sterling goes to work. I sit home and eat more blueberries and search the internet for recipes I can make for dinner using cabbage and broccoli and all the other newly acquired veggies in my fridge. I get excited over these roasted broccoli and asian cabbage slaw recipes I find.

I start getting pretty dang ravenous. Those blueberries just don't cut it for lunch. I search the kitchen for something that appeals to my growling tummy. Nothing looks good. I don't want no stinkin' cucumber slices! I resort to dipping celery stalks into applesauce. Still not cutting it. Getting a little grouchy now.

I decide to get working on my slaw, thinking I can snack on that deliciousness while waiting for The Husband to get home. I make it. It's decent. I eat a few forkfuls non-excitedly.

Sterling comes home, and I confess to eating a handful of almonds out of desperation. Then I instantly start whining to him about my extreme hunger and how I just cannot survive this fast.

......and then we had baked potatoes with chili and cornbread with honey for dinner.

The Stoddard's successfully completed a 6 hour fast. Do we have some unbelievable willpower or what??

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