Friday, January 6, 2012

back to 'Scow we go!

Yesterday was my birthday. We're still in Grace, because our car had issues so we had to wait for it to be fixed at the dealership in Soda Springs where it's under warranty. I spent a good amount of time being mopey and pissy about it. I wanted to be back in Moscow, I wanted to do something fun with friends on my birthday, I was tired of spending everyday just hanging out at my in-laws house (though I do love them, don't get me wrong). So I wasn't the most pleasant person the past couple of days.

But we went to Logan yesterday, I shopped and Sterling didn't complain once about it, we went to the movies (New Year's Eve is a surprisingly good movie!), and we went out to dinner. It was nice and fun and I have nothing to complain about. And, come to find out, four of our friends aren't even back in Moscow yet either, so the 'birthday in Moscow' plan would've failed anyway.

And did I mention that our car saved us $470 by deciding to break down in Grace, rather than Moscow or anywhere else? Lucky, yes, very lucky. Sterling told me that about a million times while I was busy being a giant poo, but I was too busy being pouty to care much.

So, once again, I continue to learn that I need to just be happy with things the way they happen and not overreact quite so much. And maybe be a tad less self-absorbed at times. Everything works out for the best.

Our car is now fixed and returned to us, so we will embark on our trip home tomorrow morning. I'm kinda sick of being in a car so much, so I'm not really looking forward to another 10 hour drive. Plus, we're coming back to Grace at the end of the month to say goodbye to Sterling's sister when she leaves for her mission. But I'm looking forward to being back in Moscow finally! It's been 2 and a half weeks. Wow. And I'm pretty excited about the birthday cards I have waiting in my mailbox there :)

Here's a birthday picture of us on the drive to Logan (PS: I have a really nice sister-in-law who let us borrow her car :). Sterling's gum was about falling out of his mouth in every picture I tried taking, so I'm pretty happy we got this one. He was looking pretty foxy last night, I'll have you know.

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