Thursday, November 10, 2011


I am one of the least patient people there are. We have 6 days until we get to drive to our beloved Southeast Idaho and be reunited with our families and friends and start all this wedding chaos. I still have a number of wedding craft projects to do before then. But I want these dang six days to hurry up and go by. Waiting is driving me absolutely crazy.

These anatomy and chemistry classes I'm killing myself with this semester are pretty much useless toward my new major if I transfer to ISU next year, as hopefully planned.

All week I've felt like I'm coming down with something, yet it hasn't entirely struck yet. I'm still praying it's just sleep deprivation that can be fixed this weekend. No way in hell will I be sick for my wedding, honeymoon, and Thanksgiving.

I feel like I need a new wardrobe. All I ever wear are jeans or leggings and cardigans or sweatshirts. And boots. Boots everyday. I love boots. But still. I want to be one of those girls that look like they've spent actual time planning an outfit. Not just thrown on whatever clean and warm thing in her closet. I bought a cute hat today (don't tell Sterling I'm spending money on clothes again), in hopes of making myself look and feel trendier. The only hats I've ever worn were baseball hats during my softball-playing days.

This is my first day off of work after 10 days straight. Hallelujah.

Yesterday, I wrote a post in my online Sports Nutrition class discussion about how vitamins and supplements do nothing for you except give you really expensive pee. I thought it sounded pretty witty and intelligent, but nobody has replied. My ego is a little bruised :(

Today should be a good day, but I'm just in a funk. I don't want to be at school, I don't want to go to my chem lab, I don't want Sterling to have their guys night tonight. I want this semester to be over, I want to be lying in bed, unwrapping wedding presents that UPS keeps dropping off, I want to be watching crappy reality TV shows, I want to be eating things I shouldn't be.

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