Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The married life.

Perhaps the most exciting part of getting married, other than actually being married, is the presents. My goodness, there are a lot of presents. We are soso thankful that so very many people were kind enough to help us out and give us things to start our lives together and make our little creaky antique-ish apartment a home.

You can barely walk through the apartment. There are gifts and empty boxes and tissue paper (and clothes....our version of unpacking is emptying our suitcases on the floor) everywhere. And they're still coming. Yesterday we came home to a giant Bed Bath and Beyond box sitting on the front step. It was a set of stainless steel pots and pans and cookware. You should've seen how excited we were about it. It was the last thing we really needed but hadn't gotten yet. The mac'n'cheese I made for dinner the previous night had black flecks of Teflon all throughout it. Our old cookware had seen better days. Sterling got to unwrapping all the pots and pans, while I made homemade (well, semi homemade--I put together things Sterling's mom sent us) soup ASAP. It was heaven-sent.

Sterling's favorite present was by-far the automatic hot chocolate maker. He had hot chocolate three times yesterday. It would've been four, but he didn't have a Thermos to take some to the library with us last night. So, of course, we stopped and bought him a Thermos on the way home so that this problem would be avoided in the future. He's a happy boy. Now if he could only learn to clean up after himself when making said hot chocolate.

While we're on the topic, I must share a little story, incriminating that husband of mine. This morning, I was sitting in the Commons on campus, studying before class. I see Sterling in the little convenience store about 15 feet away. I call him, but he doesn't feel his phone vibrate. He calls me back a few minutes later and informs me of this 'new cinnabun drink' in that store.

The poor, cute guy doesn't know that those convenience store cappuccino makers serve only flavors of cappuccino, unless it clearly states 'Hot Cocoa'. "But it doesn't taste like coffee!" Yeah, they never do, honey. Yes, it was an accident, but I couldn't help being irritated that I am 8 months free of coffee after drinking it multiple times a day for the last seven years, and he, who grew up living the Word of Wisdom, couldn't stay away from it.

I guess that's what I get for not rolling out of bed to make him a Thermos of hot chocolate to take to school. Oh, I just love him. Even if our sheets are stained with hot chocolate spills and the kitchen counters always have that sugary powder on them and I fall into the toilet because he always leaves the seat up.

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  1. Ha ha ha.... I loved reading the "I fall in the toilet" part.... I HATE THAT!!! Although, I think I have trained RJ to put the seat down... :)