Thursday, November 3, 2011

Diet is a dirty word in our house.

Last night, Sterling and I decided we were going on a 'diet' for these last two weeks until our wedding. We just want to feel the best possible on November 19th. I refuse to actually call it a diet though, because I'm morally against dieting. Diet=deprivation, which is never healthy. I know, too many nutrition classes have made me like this. But still, I whole-heartedly believe diets are essentially bad and will speak out against them whenever possible.

Sterling, knowing this, treaded lightly when approaching the topic last night. "If it's only for two weeks, it really can't do any harm" and "Tuna and sriracha and edamame and veggies! That's totally healthy!" were some of his points. However, eating only the foods he mentioned is not exactly an ideal picture of health. So we agreed to just eat really healthy for the next two weeks. Sterling thinks this means cutting out all sugar. And starches. And pretty much everything but tuna and veggies.

He doesn't quite believe me when I say that cutting out things entirely will make him crave them even more, and make it very likely for him to fall off of his 'diet' wagon. But I think that these rules will loosen up a bit in a day or two, and we can just eat the healthy foods I buy and decide we should eat. I figure if we cut out desserts and the mac and cheese I've been making for lunch lately, we should be fine and see improvements. I've been too busy to cook lately, and that's been a little detrimental to us. However, busy has meant I've been eating less in general, which is good, but I should really incorporate some food of actual substance.

Today, I picked up some almonds for us to snack on in the library between classes. I also bought a chocolate milk for myself. The little bottles of milk they sell in convenience stores are almost always lowfat. It's hard to find full-fat milk in anything but the half-gallons and such at grocery stores. Even restaurants and coffee shops and the like use lowfat milk as their standard. Which is why I assumed this milk would also be lowfat. And it had 'No High-Frutose Corn Syrup' on the label. Seems like a safe, healthy bet, right?

So, so wrong. There was 540 calories in a 16oz bottle. It was whole milk. And though there was indeed no high fructose corn syrup in it, the 2nd ingredient on the label is regular corn syrup. Um, I don't care if it's high fructose or not--I don't want syrup in my milk at all, thank you.

So I talked Sterling into helping me drink the milk. It was against his no-sugar rule, but the nice boy did it for me. And I hope that nice boy can help me with this whole 'diet'-willpower thing, because ever since he reminded me this morning that we're eating healthy, I've been craving nothing but tortellini and Starbucks' hot chocolate. See? I'm the perfect example of why diets are evil.

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