Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ladies, please.

 I just plain do not understand women these days. I don't. I feel like an old grandma sometimes, wanting to run around throwing big sweaters around half-naked girls. I mean, I saw some strange outfits in California. SCC, my old college, had a wide assortment of people. It was positioned smack-dab between Broadway, neighborhoods of nice old people, and the ghetto. I saw real, legitimate prostitutes on multiple occasions, I'm fairly certain. Goodness, my high school even was pretty extreme! We had people doing hardcore drugs in the bathroom and making babies on the football field!

So why am I seeing more skanky girls here in IDAHO?! It's like the most unexpected culture shock. I expected hicks and Mormons. Not naked girls around every turn. There's a layer of ice on my windshield, and girls are walking around campus in miniskirts. Not even normal miniskirts, even. You usually can't even tell if they're actually wearing a skirt, or if their shirt is just an inch or two longer than normal.

Here's a hint, ladies: if I can tell, just by walking ten feet behind you, exactly what kind of underwear you are wearing, or hoochier yet, that you're not wearing underwear, I think perhaps you should cover up. And maybe put your V away. Just an idea.

It's a scary world we live in.

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