Friday, July 12, 2013

6 months!

Apparently the only times I blog anymore are just Brynleigh's monthly updates :)

My little monster is 6 months old! Half a year. I can't believe it. She is growing up SOOO fast. She changes everyday! She's always learning new things and is SO smart. Little genius baby.

Here's what's going on with the babe:

- Working on crawling! She tries so hard but can't quite get it down. She does push-ups-- she'll get up on her hands and toes in a plank position and just whines. Cutest/funniest thing ever.

- Even though she can't quite crawl, she sure does get around! She can scoot backwards, and she can pull herself around to reach things. And she rolls all over the place.

- She blows raspberries all the time. When she does her whiny cry (like when she wants something), she just blubbers and blows raspberries. It is so funny to watch.

- Loves food! She always wants to eat what we're eating. She's a spoiled little girl and is always getting tastes of adult food, like pudding and ice cream and jello salad. For her actual meal food, lately she loves beets, applesauce, oatmeal, and bananas. Oh man, she loves bananas.  We were surprised by how much she likes beets, too.

- Got her 6 month shots and took them like a champ! Not fussy at all.

- Weighs 14 lbs 11 oz. Only in the 9th percentile, but it's proportionate to her length, so the doctor says she is fine.

- She loves to talk and hear her own voice. She'll just sit there babbling and happy-screaming.

- Is back to sleeping through the night after a rough 5th month. Woooo!

- LOVES splashing. Every night she splashes out most of her bathtub water. She kicks her feet and slaps her hands in the water. She had a great time doing this when we went to the pool in Lava, too.

- Still is such a happy baby. She gets fussy, of course, but she's usually always happy and playful and smiling.

- Loves having her picture taken. When she sees the camera, she just hams it up and won't look away.

That's all I can think of for now. Picture time!

Model baby

Playing in our new (to us!) jumper!

Hammin' it up for the camera, as usual.

6 month photo! 4th of July!

After bathtime

She made her way over to the toy basket and started pulling everything out.

We went shopping and haaaad to try on this hat

Trying out our new sippy cup!

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  1. OK, she is so stinking adorable! I loved the six month stage,so much personality shining through. But, I don't know how you get anything done, I would just want to squeeze her all day long!! :)