Monday, February 18, 2013


Last Thursday was our third Valentine's Day together! And our first with the little lovebug :)  Sterling had 18 roses delivered to me. I've never had flowers delivered to my door before! For his gift, he got to get an extra ounce of silver this month (he's on a silver collecting kick, he usually gets one ounce a month to build his stash), plus a couple little treats, too. Brynleigh already had some V-Day outfits, but they were all too big on her so I had to buy a new one so she could be festive :) Then I picked up some curry from our favorite Thai place in IF and got a Redbox. It was a nice little V-Day in!

We were supposed to start packing up the apartment this weekend. I can't really pack during the week when Sterling's at work because a certain little girl demands on being held 24/7, so packing can really only be done when Sterling is home to watch her. This left us with two weekends to pack, which was already a little stressful of a timeline. On Friday, we tried to find some boxes behind the stores here in Shelley (we forgot when we were up in IF), but that produced nothing. We said we'd search IF on Saturday, but that never happened. SO, the weekend came and went and there's still not a single thing packed. Whoops. Now we're left to packing up the entire place next weekend, because we're moving the Friday after. Fun, right?

Brynleigh had another weight check at the doctor's today. She's up to 8 lbs 9.5 oz! Up from 8-1 last Monday. She's a little chunker! But we're so glad she's finally healthy and gaining weight. She has to get her shots and 2 month checkup in two weeks now, but we'll be moved by then so I need to hurry and find her a new pediatrician in Preston or Pocatello or somewhere.

Anyway, we really aren't all that interesting right now, so I'll just close with some pictures!

Valentine's outfit!

My pretty roses :)


My attempt at catching her smiling.
I was trying to get ready this morning and she was throwing a fit and didn't want to be put down. My solution? Propping up a bottle for her and letting the Friends DVD intro play over and over (she loves TV, btw). It worked!

Trying to get a picture with her smiling. This was the closest we got.

This is how she sleeps in the carseat.We try and try to get her to keep her neck straight but she won't. So we get worried strangers thinking we're bad parents wherever we go haha.

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  1. She is so cute! Carter used to sleep exactly like that! I tried every propping idea possible, he always found a way to crink his neck! I know how the worried looks feel! :)I its ok!