Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Big City

Finally, a post on my recent adventure to Los Angeles!

So I flew down there for a long weekend July 26-29. My sister moved down there (from Sacramento) last fall, I hadn't seen her since Christmas, and I hadn't visited her in LA yet, SO it was time for a visit! Here are a few pictures recapping the trip.

Somewhere in Hollywood. The Hollywood sign is in the background if you look hard! Fun Fact: A human head was recently found up at the sign. Eeek! Another Fun Fact: The Boulevard of Stars actually isn't very exciting at all. The majority of the stars are people you've never heard of, and they're in front of sketchy porn stores. They sure don't show that on The Hills!

Getting my sushi fix my first day in LA.

The Santa Monica beach! Yeah, I got burned.

Me & Sheet in her apartment. PS: Sheet=Tara=My sister. It's a weird mutual nickname we've had for years.

Us & Matthew (Sheet's boyfriend)

At In-N-Out. You know, eating.

Sunny drove down from Santa Maria and visited us for the day!

So as you can probably guess, our main events on my trip involved food. We eat a lot. And we drove around a bunch. I saw a lot of the city. And it was confirmed that I'm not a city-person at all. I don't know how people live there! It was fun to visit for a few days, but my beloved Idaho felt really nice to be back in :)  Though I do miss being near the ocean, that's one of California's perks.

Anyway, I loved seeing my sister and eating yummy things that Idaho is lacking. And it was also nice getting my first tan/burn of the year finally.

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